A little late to welcome the new year and kiss the old one good bye. But a week late is better than not at all! I hope all of you had a good start.

I have a ritual that I do at the end of a year. I take a day or two and review every drawing, painting, sketch and scribble. From first to last. I usually feel as If I have done noting all day, everyday. Seeing everything alleviates that feeling a lot. It also helps me see the little ways I have improved over the course of the year. Things that are not really recognized from the usual day to day. But when you see everything laid out before you, you can.

This year I have decided to collect all my personal digital work in one video and share this ritual with everyone, albeit in a reduced state. If I had collected everything I have drawn last year, from scribble to sketch and traditional drawing, the video would have gone on for hours! However, please enjoy!

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