Hello there!

My name is Marcel Gröber, aka Marschel-Arts, as per the name of my website. I’m a freelance Illustrator and designer with a focus on the fantasy genre. I work mostly on games, books and movies, but also on teaching material and explainer videos. 

You need an artist to help your project come to life? please contact me any time.

At heart I am a storyteller.

Stories are very important to me and I believe they carry a great power within them. The power to teach, to heal and the power to change ourselves. In fact, studies show that people learn, and remember better when information is attached to a story. Stories help us make sense and to cope with our life and difficult situations. Be it one told to us, or one we’ve created for ourselves. From personal experience I know how a well crafted narrative can show you a way out of a bad mental state, make sense of your past and help build a path to a better future. Because of that I work on my own IP’s when ever I have time. With these IP’s I try to connect stories about daring adventures and discovery with topics concerning mental health, education and philosophy. I wish to tell the stories I came up with to help myself in the hope that they will be helpful to others during trying times in their lives. 

The Blog

On my Blog I am sharing the creation process of those projects and talk in length about my thoughts behind an illustration. How I got the idea and what the image means to me, for example. I have been blogging on a different site for a few years, under the tagline „painting till death“. I took down the blog while going through a few life changes and stopped blogging for about two years. Now with my new website I’m happy and excited to start blogging again! This time  under a more optimistic outlook. I will also talk about my personal philosophy and how I conceptualize life and mental health. Never too heavy and always on the side of optimism! If you want to see how my work comes to life, head over to my Blog!