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Hello?…Hello?! Is this thing on?



Hello there and welcome to my blog! Come and have seat, I might have some stories to tell you.

So, how to get this thing started? Ah, yes. I should tell you who I am and what will be going on here in the Future. I’m Marcel Gröber, aka MarschelArts on some places on the internet. I’m a illustrator that works on books, games and teaching material. But I’m also a storyteller by heart.

Aside from my freelance work I love to write and Illustrate my own stories. Tales of daring adventures, fantastical people, creatures and places. But also calm and introspective reflextions about mental healt, depression, anxiety and how I deal with those issues myself. From one page short stories to picture books and bigger Projects.

This Blog will focus on the creation of these stories. I will write about the process behind an illustration, share work in progress steps on how it was created, where I got the idea from and what it means to me. I will document steps in the creation of bigger projects and write in depht „making of“ articles about them, once they are done and released.

For the first few posts, I will share some already finished projects and images before I start sharing what I’m currently working on. That little buffer should be fine.

don’t have a set posting schedule, but i’ll aim to blog at least twice a month at the start. That sounds doable. You can catch regular artwork posts over on my Instagram account. Oh and you can also Follow my blog with Bloglovin 

Now, I think that’s it. Fine for an introduction, don’t you think? If what you’ve read sounds interesting to you, well, come and have a seat. There are lots of stories to tell!




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